Never Be Lonely Again During the Holidays

Another holiday season is upon us with wonderful celebrations, community, and spirit. The holidays can result in many people feeling lonely and disconnected.

If you are wrestling with loneliness during the holidays, there are two effective solutions. This article explains ways the solutions can help you move beyond loneliness to feel connected and appreciated during the holidays.

I want to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season.

Michael Cerreto

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Turn Loneliness Into Celebration

The holiday season is a time of giving, love, and faith. It is a time to look beyond yourself to enhance the lives of others, and celebrate religious beliefs. During this communal season, you may feel alone and isolated from others because of distance, time, or other priorities. This loneliness can cause moments of hopelessness, anxiety, and depression.

You can turn loneliness during the holidays into rewarding connections and celebration by leveraging the holiday season’s true foundations: Faith and Giving. When you are connected to the religious and giving aspects of the holidays, you will never be lonely again.

Celebrate the Holidays In a Community of Faith

If you are feeling lonely during the holiday, you can find a faith based community and get involved with many of the weekly activities during the holiday season. You can also connect with your religious beliefs to feel more connected to life’s purpose. Religious communities are welcoming and enhance life through community and worship, plus the food during socials can be quite yummy.

Most articles about holiday loneliness do not address the use of religious faith as a solution because it is typically kept separate from mainstream psychological thinking. However, faith in God and religious communities are a major source of caring, worship, and understanding. They can be very therapeutic because they connect you to a higher power and to other people building community. Some of my patients have found that getting more active in their religious communities help them develop the relationships and support needed to improve their lives.

Get Active Helping Others Less Fortunate

The holidays are a time of giving to people less fortunate. Giving to others is an active way to stop feeling alone. You can get involved with a charity to feed the homeless, collect toys for kids, or share your time in other ways. You will think less about your own loneliness and more about adding to the lives of others. You will feel more connected, collaborative, and productive. You will relish giving joy to others, and receiving joy yourself.

There are many organizations, neighborhoods, or work based groups that need volunteers to make the holidays warm, happy, and caring for people less fortunate. You can lend a hand, contribute time, organize, and celebrate with others. Don’t just write a check, get active and contribute. You will feel less alone and more productive during the holidays.

Never Be Lonely Again

If you feel lonely during the holidays, get active in your church or synagog to feel connected spiritually and worship with others. You should also start contributing your time to help people who struggle. Your loneliness will melt away as you give more of yourself to worship, and to support others.

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