Rediscover Your Lost Talents In the New Year

I hope you enjoyed the holidays. After celebrating, it’s time for you to give yourself one of the best gifts of all— building a life around your natural talents. The article below explains how you can rediscover the natural talents and personal gifts you lost along the way of life. The new year can bring the discovery of a fuller, richer future for you.

Losing Yourself

As a child, your playtime with friends and toys gave you joy. You pretended to be characters in magical adventures and built forts out of blankets and chairs. Your life reflected who you were at a very pure level. You were painting yourself on a blank canvas using what gave you joy.

Then, institutions got a hold of you. Adults in school, family, sports, arts, summer jobs made sure you conformed to what everyone “should be.” Your life became compulsory, with the need to live up to what others wanted. A major percentage of life centered around learning how to please all types of adults. The children who excelled at everything were held up as the standard.

Now as an adult, you may feel like you lost a part of yourself along the way.

To find yourself again, you need to create a life that reflects your true talents. These may be the ones you gave up to follow and please others.


Return To Your Talents

You need to take a straight line back to your natural talents. You can rediscover the abilities that come the most natural to you by completing a leading assessment of natural talents: The Highlands Ability Battery.

It has helped many of my patients understand and create a life centered around what comes the most natural to them. It has given them meaning and a personal vision to create a life worth living.

When you live, study, and work in a myriad of institutions, they focus a high percentage on weaknesses or disabilities in order to “fix” you. It is a way institutions keep you dependent on them while they develop you. What if we don’t need fixing?

When I searched for a natural talent assessment for my patients, I wanted one that uses timed cognitive exercises to assess talents similar to how learning disabilities are assessed in schools.

I wanted to also find an assessment that didn’t ask people to self-rate their talents and interests but assessed what abilities actually come the most natural to them. I finally discovered The Highlands Ability Battery. It is a series of timed exercises to determine your natural abilities to learn, problem solve, and express your personal style to the world. These abilities are the primary drivers for college majors, careers, and work environments that feel like home to you. Over the years, it has opened up new worlds for my patients.

Rediscover Your Talents Today

Whatever your age or history, it is never too late to rediscover your natural talents. You can take The Highlands Ability Battery and create a life that reflects who you really are, and become a gift you share with the world.

To learn more about how The Highlands Ability Battery can help you, please contact me today at 804-337-1884 or