Mental Predictors Of Who Will Win Super Bowl LIII

Super Bowl LIII between the New England Patriots and Las Angles Rams on February 3, 2019 will be a viewing spectacle. The gridiron combat, half-time show, and commercials will keep people and party goers glued to their TVs. The excitement will start weeks before the game as sports talk radio, cable shows, and friends debate who will win.

When the game begins, the strategy and athleticism takes over as we watch superior athletes pursue the holy grail of sports. As the game unfolds, you will watch the physical execution to predict which team looks better and who is likely to win. However, there is a deeper level of the game you can watch that will tell you who has the upper hand and is likely to win. It is the mental level of the players and teams.

There are mental signs during the game that are predictors of success. Let’s look at the top four mental predictors of who will win any Super Bowl:

Mental Predictor 1: Fast Start— The team that gets off to a fast start in the first and third quarters

Game momentum that puts an opponent on the defensive early is critical to winning a championship. So, the team that gets off to a faster start at the beginning of the game and coming out of halftime is more mentally aggressive. That team is more likely to establish a negative mentality in their opponent. Mental aggressiveness at key transition points during the game is a sign that one team wants to win badly, while the other team is worried about not losing.

Mental Predictor 2: Extra Effort— The team that makes extra effort on each run

Pay close attention to each run from the line of scrimmage or after a pass completion. The team that makes extra efforts to get one extra yard or make one extra block shows a disciplined mentality to win. Extra effort is coached into teams and is influenced by a team’s mentality to sacrifice oneself. An extra-effort team is more likely to make that critical play or pick up that extra yardage at the end of a game to win.

Mental Predictor 3: Answers Scoring— The team that quickly responds offensively to the opponent’s scoring

Scoring runs in sports are critical for competitive momentum. You should pay close attention to the team that blocks a team from going on a scoring run by quickly scoring after the opponent scores. Teams that short circuit scoring runs have a counter punching mentality and can quickly discourage an opponent in big games.

Mental Predictor 4: Wins the Front Line— The team that wins the battle of the front lines

The mental performance of the front lines are where championships are really won. If you want to know who will really win the Super Bowl, watch the offensive and defensive front lines. The aggressiveness and technical execution of the linemen have a ripple effect on the entire team. While most viewers watch the quarterback, running backs and receivers, the real story and destiny of a Super Bowl win is dependent on the mental strength and aggressiveness of the big men upfront.

Who Will Be Super Bowl Champion? It’s All In Their Heads

When you are caught up in the excitement of the Super Bowl game, take a moment to closely watch the four mental predictors of who will really win. They are often overlooked by most viewers but have been present in every Super Bowl championship.

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