Come Back To Yourself: Purl’s Big Decision

The light from the afternoon sun flowed through my office’s window blinds with great intensity. It formed a beautiful pattern of horizontal light images across the face of the woman sitting across from me on a small, grey leather couch.

She was here for her therapy session, and I was concerned that the light on her face would be too distracting for her. When I went to close one of the blinds, she stopped me saying “Keep it open, I like the warmth and contrast.” Such a different thing to say, I thought. Most people don’t want the light on their face.

She always had a unique style, a combination of creativity, logic, and laughter. She looked at the world from different angles than most people.

After catching up about the week’s narrative since her last session, she explained:

“I have been thinking a lot about this desire I have to be more unique and myself. What’s weird is that I feel like I have to perform better than my best in order to be accepted. It doesn’t look like that to other people but I feel it. I want to remove the better. I want to be more myself.”

Over time, she accomplished her goal and came back more fully to herself.

The desire to be yourself is present throughout your life. This is especially true after a setback in life when your new experiences don't match the image you held of yourself for years.

This brings us to a cute bundle of yarn called Purl.

Purl’s Decision

Kristen Lester created the wonderful animated short below at Pixar called Purl. It is a tale of Purl’s decision to either be better than her best to fit in, or stay true to herself and risk being rejected. Without spoiling the ending, watch closely at how her final decision impacts the lives of others.

Watch Purl, animated short film, Short of the Week

You Are Purl

We all have a little Purl inside us. Ask yourself, “Where in my life am I Purl?” What decisions like Purl do I need to make in different areas of my life to come back to who I really am?

Coming back to yourself starts with one decision to take one step in that direction.

Step boldly like Purl.