Books To Enhance Your Life


I published four books to help you come back from challenges in your personal life, sport, career, or school. The books are available in convenient Kindle and ebook formats at Amazon and are downloadable on any ebook reader.

I wrote the books so you can immediately apply helpful ideas to enhance your life and performance. Each book explains proven methods to be successful. They are also priced to be accessible to everyone. Download them today.

Book about chemobrain recovery

Journey back from chemobrain

Everyday methods to address your chemobrain symptoms

Michael Cerreto and Tracey Tatum

Book about sports psychology and mental toughness

Mental toughness in athletes

Sports psychology secrets to dominate and win

Michael Cerreto

Book about corporate and business competitiveness

The Corporate competitor

Secrets of the fiercest business competitors

Michael Cerreto

Book about finding the best college for you

University of you

The best college environment for your personality

Michael Cerreto