Brain Recovered


Throughout your life, your mind can experience struggles to process information and problem solve because of a brain injury, aging, illness, pain, or mental health problem. The quality of your daily life can be negatively impacted. But there is hope.

You have two rehabilitation programs available. NeuroRehab retrains your mind to perform better in daily life. PainRoutine teaches you methods to decrease the intensity of chronic pain you are experiencing. Stop cognitive struggles and pain from controlling you. Free yourself from them to create a meaningful life.


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Relieve pain intensity and get on with Your life

Create a routine of activities for pain management throughout each day to relieve the intensity of your pain and get your life back.

Go from feeling helpless and worn out to feeling in-control and hopeful.

The PainRoutine program enables you to better understand how the intensity of your pain controls your life, and use proven methods to feel more in control.

You develop a daily routine of activities designed to keep your nervous system balanced instead of being in a constant state of fight-or-flight and stress from pain. Find relief for your pain today.


Create a meaningful life after a brain injury

Learn about how your mind is working and use customized cognitive rehabilitation exercises, strategies, and tools to get your life back after a brain injury.

Go from feeling vulnerable and powerless to hopeful and renewed.

The NeuroRehab program enables you to strengthen cognitive weaknesses after a brain injury or brain aging, and create a life of meaning and achievement.

I work with your entire family to address everyone's needs for support and recovery during a time of need. Start building your new life today.

Sample Cognitive Testings

General Cognitive (TBI, stroke, aging), ADHD Cognitive, Chemobrain Cognitive, Depression Cognitive, Driving Cognitive, Dyscalculia Cognitive, Dyslexia Cognitive, Fibromyalgia Cognitive, Insomnia Cognitive, Multiple Sclerosis Cognitive, Parkinson's Cognitive, CAB Academic Cognitive

Sample Rehab Programs

55 and Over, Personalized Training, ADHD, Chemobrain, Concentration, Depression, Driving Focus, Dyscalculia, Dyslexia, Executive Functioning, Functional Life Skills, GMAT, Insomnia, Memory, Mental Arithmetic, Mental Planning, Spatial Perception, Speech, Sports Coordination, Stroke


Video about the pain management program

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