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Therapy Designed Around Your Life

Your therapy is designed around your life. The goal is to surround you with the support and caring you need to be successful. Our personalized Therapy Everywhere Suite of services includes in-office and at-home therapies, education, practice, and learning. You and your family also receive an unlimited number of sessions each month and have 24/7 access to me when you need it.   

              Therapy Everywhere Suite


Comeback Roadmap

I guide you through a six-step, proven roadmap to come back from adversity and create the life you want. You break free from ineffective behavior patterns, and develop a single minded focus on improving your life. It's your roadmap to growth.

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24/7 unlimited relationship

You receive an unlimited number of sessions each month in my Richmond, Virginia office and through video conferencing. You also have 24/7 access to me anytime you need support. If you need to talk between sessions, just contact me. I am always available to you. It's your therapy whenever you need it.


Therapy Anytime, Anywhere

You can take your therapy with you wherever you go. In addition to office sessions, you have an online dashboard of daily video lessons, interactive exercises, progress assessments, daily logs and journals, mindfulness exercises, and much more. It's your therapy anytime, anywhere.


Support for your family

Any adversity you experience can also impact your family. I provide them with 24/7, unlimited number of sessions in the office, or through video-conferencing, email, phone, or texting. This support helps family members manage the stress they feel, and better support you.