Working Together To Get Your Life Back

24/7 Concierge Care That Fits Your Busy Life

Through the Get Your Life Back program, we work together to get your cognitive rehabilitation off to a fast start. To do so, I provide you with Concierge services designed to help you fit therapy into your busy life, remain consistent, practice each day, stay on-track, and achieve. I am the only therapist in Virginia to offer patient-focused, concierge services to patients.

The following summarizes the two phases of concierge services you receive when we work together.


Phase 1: Fast Start

During Phase 1, you commit to three consecutive months of therapy at a set monthly fee and receive the most significant level of 24/7 service available in Virginia. Here are some of the patient-focused services provided during this phase:

  • Unlimited 60-minute sessions per month, minimum of 4 sessions required per month
  • Brief mid-week video conferencing or phone check-ins between sessions, as needed
  • Expanded week for appointments, Sunday through Friday
  • Online, self-scheduling
  • Sessions can be conducted in-office, or through encrypted video conferencing 
  • Separate sessions available for parents, caregivers, or spouses 
  • 24/7 communications available through encrypted email, phone, and instant messaging communications
  • Special “Get The Most Out of Therapy” orientation session
  • Mental performance assessment scorecard, as needed, and monthly treatment goals 
  • Attending performances (for athletes only)
  • Structured daily homework assignments
  • Daily homework self-rating phone app to monitor your progress between sessions
  • Patient ratings of therapy before and after each session
  • Therapeutic progress updates sent to other health providers


Phase 2: Turn New Behaviors Into Habits

After getting off to a fast start during Phase 1, you transition to Phase 2 to continue your rehabilitation and turn your new behaviors into habits. You move from the initial three-month commitment to a month-to-month commitment in Phase 2 at a reduced monthly fee. 

During this phase, you receive three, 60-minute sessions per month instead of unlimited. (Cancelled sessions need to be reschedule in the same month to maintain consistency.) All other concierge services are included.

No other therapist in Virginia offers this level of patient flexibility, collaboration, and intense focus on your progress.

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