When a setback derails your life, we help you go from feeling vulnerable, alone, and worried to feeling successful, appreciated, and in-control. 


A Talented Mind Clinic developed a six-step, therapy pathway called The Comeback Roadmap to help you rebuild your life after a major setback. You work closely with a cognitive therapist to follow the same steps people have used throughout human history to rebound from major setbacks and thrive. Our clients use the roadmap to renew their lives. You can, too.


Renew and thrive after experiencing one of life's three major setbacks

When you experience one of life's three major setbacks, we help you and your family address the emotions, thinking, and behaviors needed to create the life you truly want. Renew and thrive.

Health problems

chronic illness, brain injury, or pain

Living with a chronic illness, brain injury or pain that has taken over your life. Let us help you go from...

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Lose of Relationship

Feeling alone and isolated


unrealized talents

Not live up to your potential

Not living up to your potential as an athlete or performing artist. Let us help you go from...

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