Tracking Your success

Numbers Tell A Wonderful Story


Numbers tell a wonderful story about how I can help you rebound from adversity. They highlight how effective my therapy has been for clients and how it exceeds industry averages. When we work together, your progress will be tracked and measured each week. You will also rate the quality of our sessions together to always assure that I provide the best therapy relationship for you. 



Session Quality rating

Patients' average quality rating of our therapy sessions together (40-point scale). I use patients' feedback to continually improve the therapeutic relationship, while a recent study found that 92% of therapists ignore and do not use patient ratings to improve.


Continue Until Improvement

Percentage of patients who continue therapy until experiencing initial improvement. Greater than the industry average of 65%.


practice new behaviors

Average number of days per week that patients practice new behaviors between sessions. Frequent practice speeds up change.


Care for Family Members

Percentage of patients' spouse, parents, or caregivers who receive unlimited counseling with me to better support a family member's growth and change. I am the only therapist in Virginia who provides unlimited counseling to patients' caregivers at no additional cost to you.