Become A "Can Do" Athlete

Have you stopped progressing as an athlete and don’t know how to get back on track? When you step onto the playing field, do you worry about which athlete will show up—the competitive you or the one that holds back? Are you concerned about disappointing other people such as coaches, parents, and teammates? Did you once love your sport but now feel unmotivated?

Help is now available for you to become a “Can Do” Athlete through a special education and counseling program called SportsMind. It is the most highly successful sports psychology program in Virginia across over 30 sports.

Customized Education and Counseling Program

Through our SportsMind program, you receive support, education, and concrete methods to focus your mind and emotions, and achieve the results you want. Each week, you learn and practice methods used by world-class athletes to become more competitive and take charge of your own destiny. 

You also work with a sports psychology counselor who has personally experienced the highs and lows of an elite athlete so you will feel understood by him. 

SportsMind is a structured, 12-week program during which you work one-on-one with a counselor to receive education, counseling, and on-the-field practice to become more mentally competitive. You learn how to achieve what you want in your sport and live up to your full potential, such as

  • Assess Your Mental Performance Under Pressure
  •  Identify Your Strengths and Blind Spots As An Athlete
  • Determine the Vision of the Ideal Athlete You Want To Become
  • Leverage Your Primary Weapon To Break Opponents’ Will
  • Self-Manage Your Athletic Development and Career
  • Push Through Fear and Doubt
  • Turn Negative Thoughts Into Positive Ones
  • Develop a Goal Plan To Take More Responsibility As An Athlete
  • Develop a Goal Plan To Achieve An Important Outcome or Milestone
  • Develop a Goal Plan To Develop An Important Skill

Getting Started Is Easy

You can schedule an appointment by calling 804-337-1884 or emailing If you have questions, I am happy to offer you a free, initial phone consultation.