Your Talents Realized


You were born with natural talents and potential in life. Realizing those talents can be rewarding and create moments of immense pride. There are times, however, you may question your abilities and feel stagnant and unfulfilled. I help you go from feeling directionless and stuck to feeling confident and proud.

I provide three, highly successful programs to help you discover and perform your natural talents as a student or professional, and as an athlete or performing artist. Each program explained below has years of success helping people discover, develop, and perform their talents in life.


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Leverage your mind to dominate and win

Master the skills of being a calm and aggressive athlete under pressure while the game moves at the speed of light.

Go from under-achievement and doubt to performing up to your full potential as a confident, determined athlete.

The SportsMind program has been used extensively by athletes and coaches throughout the United States. It has helped Olympic, professional, NCAA Division I, II or III and travel team athletes learn how to mentally outperform competitors.


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Discover You Natural Talents and personal vision

Take The Highlands Ability Battery to identify your natural talents and personal vision that need to be the centerpiece of your life each day.

Go from being bored and wasting your talents to feeling inspired and fulfilled at school, work, and life.

The TalentDiscovery Program enables you to discover your natural abilities through one of the world's leading talent assessments. You also determine how to make each day a personal expressive of your gifts. Why waste your talents? Discover them, use them, and feel accomplished in life.


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Mentally perform like an Artistic master

Enhance the mental skills needed to practice, audition, and perform up to your full potential and successfully manage your career.

Go from being disappointed and inconsistent as a performing artist to feeling proud and prepared to share you gifts with others.

The ArtsMind program helps you develop the mental skills needed to reach a higher level of mastery in your art. Consistent mastery will open creative, artistic, and commercial doors for you. People will appreciate your artistry as a musician, dancer, actor, singer, or visual artist. Express more of who you are in your art and become an artistic master.