Get Your Life Back After An Acquired Brain Injury

Do you and your family worry about how your life will improve after a brain injury that resulted from an injury, illness, or aging? Do you wrestle with cognitive challenges each day and fear that your life will never be the same? Do you feel powerless to deal with chronic pain or sleep problems that make getting through the day a constant struggle? Is your entire family feeling emotionally stressed and worried about your condition?

These feelings can seem overwhelming at times. I am here to tell you that what you are experiencing is natural, and change is possible. 

Create a Life Of Meaning and Achievement

By working closely with a cognitive therapist in our Get Your Life Back program, you learn how to improve your mental performance to create a life of meaning and achievement.

  • Traumatic Brain injury: You can create a highly rewarding life after a traumatic brain injury by strengthening your mental abilities and better managing your daily life.
  • Stroke, Cancer and Other Illnesses: You can improve the quality of your life by improving your attention, memory, and thinking difficulties resulting from illnesses such as stroke, cancer, lupus, multiple sclerosis, and brain tumor.
  • Dementia: Your family member with dementia or Alzheimer’s can become less bored, frustrated, and confused by stimulating existing cognitive, emotional, and sensory abilities each day.
  • Chronic Pain and Emotion: You can reduce the intensity of your chronic pain by better managing the emotions, stress, and feelings of hopelessness the pain creates in your life.
  • Sleep: You can feel energized throughout the day by learning how to better manage your sleep.
  • Caregiver Motivation: You can sustain your motivation as a caregiver by learning how to care for your own needs while you care for a loved one.
  • Family Emotions: All family members can better support each other’s fears and worries due to a family member’s medical condition.

Your Personal Invitation

This is your personal invitation to take an important first step now. Seek a supportive relationship with a trained cognitive therapist.

A cognitive therapist focuses on strengthening your mental abilities and coping skills to help you comeback after an acquired brain injury. A cognitive therapist is caring, supportive, and knowledgeable to help you perform up to your full potential.

I am Michael Cerreto, a Certified Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapist and Certified Sports Psychology Counselor with A Talented Mind Clinic. Call me today at 804-337-1884 or email to schedule a Free, phone consultation.

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