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Unlimited PATIENT Sessions Each Month, 24/7 Access TO ME, Therapy At my Clinic or the Comfort Of Your HomE, INCLUDES UNLIMITED SUPPORT FOR CAREGIVERS


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Create The Life You Want Each Day, Forever

When a setback derails your life, I help you go from feeling vulnerable, alone, and worried to feeling successful, appreciated, and in-control. As a cognitive performance therapist, I developed a six-step, therapy roadmap called the Comeback Roadmap to help you rebuild your life after a major setback. You and I work closely together to follow the same steps that have helped so many of my clients rebound from challenges and thrive forever.


Michael Cerreto MS, CPCRT, CSC, LDR, EduK 

Cognitive Performance Therapist

Founder of A Talented Mind Clinic in Richmond, Virginia, USA. Serving adolescents and adults in the West End, Downtown, and Southside areas of Richmond.

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(804) 337-1884, cerreto@atalentedmind.com

I appreciate your continued concern and help after my brain injury. You also helped my whole family recover, and we are stronger for it. I am stronger for it . You are a wonderful man.
— Client, Brain Injury Survivor, 2019

I help you

Come Back From Three Types of Major Setbacks


Your life can change with the speed of a second hand. One moment it's perfect and on track, and then it stumbles from a setback. I help you come back from three types of setbacks that can take over your life. When these setbacks rear their head, you may deny, blame, give up, hide, or lash out. But there is hope. 


Sports psychology and discover natural talents

Setback 1: Not Living Up To Your Potential

Get the most out of your talents and gifts as an athlete, performing artist, professional, or student. Go from feeling stagnant and frustrated to proud and accomplished.

"The sports mental skills I learned from you enabled me to breakthrough a year of under-performing in softball to being named First Team, All-SEC Conference."  Karly, Richmond, Virginia

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Brain injury and chronic pain

Setback 2: Struggle With A Cognitive Disorder or Chronic Pain

Get your life back when you are faced with a brain injury or chronic pain from an illness, accident, stroke, aging or mental health condition. Go from feeling vulnerable and powerless to hopeful and renewed.

"I am so grateful. You helped me and my family start living a more meaningful life after my TBI."  Robert, Short Pump, Virginia

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Setback 3: Inability To Sleep, and Feeling Exhausted Each Day

Get a sound night sleep and feel energized to take on the world. Go from feeling frustrated by tossing and turning throughout the night to feeling joy after a deep, peaceful sleep.

"Learning how to stop worrying at bedtime has helped me fall asleep in 15 minutes instead of three hours. What a relief.” Jamie, Midlothian, Virginia

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(804) 337-1884, cerreto@atalentedmind.com

I want to thank you for all of your continued support and encouragement over the past few years. I forgot what it was like to lower my race times. You helped me experience it again. I can’t tell you how much it has meant to me, and I can’t thank you enough.
— Athlete, NCAA Division I, 2019

the care you need

Therapy Designed Around Your Life

Your therapy is designed around your life. The goal is to surround you with the support and caring you need to be successful. Our personalized Therapy Everywhere Suite of services includes in-office and at-home therapies, education, practice, and learning. You and your family also receive an unlimited number of sessions each month and have 24/7 access to me when you need it.   

              All Access Therapy: support Anytime and anywhere you are


Comeback Roadmap

I guide you through a six-step, proven roadmap to come back from adversity and create the life you want. You break free from ineffective behavior patterns, and develop a single minded focus on improving your life. It's your roadmap to growth.

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24/7 unlimited relationship

You receive an unlimited number of sessions each month in my Richmond, Virginia office and through video conferencing. You also have 24/7 access to me anytime you need support. If you need to talk between sessions, just contact me. I am always available to you. It's your therapy whenever you need it.


Therapy Anytime, Anywhere

You can take your therapy with you wherever you go. In addition to office sessions, you have an online dashboard of daily video lessons, interactive exercises, progress assessments, daily logs and journals, mindfulness exercises, and much more. It's your therapy anytime, anywhere.


Support for your family

Any adversity you experience can also impact your family. I provide them with 24/7, unlimited number of sessions in the office, or through video-conferencing, email, phone, or texting. This support helps family members manage the stress they feel, and better support you. 

It has been a pleasure and inspiration working with you. I am so grateful for your support helping me recover from my sleep problems. Finally, a good night sleep, every night.
— Client after sleep well program, 2019


Tracking Your success

Numbers Tell A Wonderful Story


Numbers tell a wonderful story about how I can help you rebound from adversity. They highlight how effective my therapy has been for clients and how it exceeds industry averages. When we work together, your progress will be tracked and measured each week. You will also rate the quality of our sessions together to assure that I provide the best therapy relationship with you. 



Session Quality rating

Clients' average quality rating of our therapy sessions together (40-point maximum scale). I use clients' feedback to continually improve the therapeutic relationship. A recent study found that 92% of therapists ignore or do not use client ratings to improve therapy.


Continue Until Improvement

Percentage of clients who continue therapy until experiencing initial improvement. Significantly greater than the industry average of 65%.


practice new behaviors

Average number of days per week that clients practice new behaviors between sessions. Frequent practice speeds up change.


Care for Family Members

Percentage of clients' spouse, parents, or caregivers who want and receive unlimited sessions with me to explore how to better support the client's growth and change. I am the only therapist in Virginia who provides unlimited support to clients' families at no additional cost.


(804) 337-1884, cerreto@atalentedmind.com

Thank you for the ArtsMind assessment. I learned a lot about why I sometimes doubt myself as a violinist. Other musicians are posting on our forum how much they enjoyed working with you. Thank you for being there for me.
— Violinist, music conservatory, 2019