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Comeback From Three Types of Setbacks


Your life can change with the speed of a second hand. One moment it's perfect and on track, and then it tumble from the force of a major setback. You can come face-to-face with one of the following three frequent setbacks that take over your life. When these setbacks rear their head, you may deny, blame, give up, hide, or lash out. But there is hope. 


Talents and Giftedness


Setback 1: Not Living Up To Your Potential

Get the most out of your talents and gifts as an athlete or performing artist. Go from feeling stagnant and frustrated to proud and accomplished.

"The sports mental skills you taught me enabled me to breakthrough a year of not perform up to my athletic ability to being selected First Team, All-SEC Conference this week."  Karly

Cognitive Disorders


Setback 2: Struggling With A Brain Injury And Chronic Pain

Get your life back when you are faced with a brain injury and chronic pain from an illness, injury, stroke, aging or mental health condition. Go from feeling vulnerable and powerless to hopeful and renewed.

"I am so grateful. You helped me and my family start living a more meaningful life after my brain injury."  Robert



Setback 3: Wrestling With Loneliness and Feeling Disconnected

Develop close friendships and relationships that expand your life. Go from feeling alone and misunderstood to accepted and active.

"I was engulf in loneliness after my relationship ended. Thank you for helping me move beyond feeling isolation, and create friendships and joy with others." Jamie