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Go From "I Can't" to "I Can"

As a child or young adult, do you put a lot of pressure on yourself to be perfect when trying to accomplish something? Are you worried about not living up to other people’s expectations in school, sports, or life? Do your parents and friends give you occasional pep talks and advice but you feel like they “just don’t get it”?

These feelings can seem overwhelming at times. I am here to tell you that what you are experiencing is natural, and change is possible. 

Become A Can Do Kid

Through a supportive relationship with a cognitive therapist at A Talented Mind Clinic, you can develop the mental skills needed to become:

  • Relaxed in any situation
  • Motivated to get things done by yourself 
  • Supported by your family, teachers, and coaches 
  • Confident as a learner in school
  • Focused and competitive as an athlete to play up to your full potential
  • Eager to start college and your major because they are “just right” for you 
  • Hopeful about the future after college because you are doing what you love

Most of all, you learn how to be a Can Do Kid who can rely on yourself to take the steps needed to improve your learning, performance, and daily life.

Your Personal Invitation

This is your personal invitation to take that next step now. Seek a supportive relationship with a trained cognitive therapist.

A cognitive therapist is someone who is caring, supportive, and knowledgeable to help you perform up to your potential. By working with a cognitive therapist, you develop the mental skills needed to become a strong, independent learner, athlete, college student, artist and professional.

I am Michael Cerreto, a Certified Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapist and Certified Sports Psychology Counselor with A Talented Mind Clinic in Richmond, Virginia. Call me today at 804-337-1884 or email to schedule a Free, 30-minute phone consultation.

Warmest regards,